Chinese Tennis Club Annual booklet


The Chinese Tennis Club was a bridging point for middle-class Chinese Canadians, some of whom had graduated from UBC, at a time when Chinese Canadians were still barred from the professions. The annual was published in both English and Chinese, as some members were more comfortable in Chinese, others in English. Black and white photos show the club’s activities. Advertisements from Chinatown businesses helped support the publication. This copy was originally owned by Gibb Yip, a grandson of Yip Sang, who grew up with his extended family in the Wing Sang building.

Date Range 
c. 1946
Place of Manufacture 
Published by Ho Sun Hing Company, 258 1/2 East Pender Street
22.5 cm high, 15.3 cm wide, 0.3 cm deep
Museum Location 
Catalog Number 
Arlene Yip