The Loggers Agency neon sign


Back when the Downtown Eastside was the meeting ground for men who worked seasonally in the British Columbia woods, this sign hung in front of an employment agency at Hastings at Carrall Street. The sign was originally enclosed in a metal can, which is now missing. It is a modest, straightforward use of neon. Loggers came to town after months in the woods, wages in their pockets, and primed to carouse. The sign’s bright glow promised a job, when the morning finally came that the money ran out.

Date Range 
c. 1950s
Place of Manufacture 
Neon Products Ltd., Vancouver
Place of Use 
Hastings at Carrall Street
81.3 cm high, 155 cm long, 25.4 cm deep
Museum Location 
The 1950s Gallery
Catalog Number 
Museum purchase