Peace banner and pole


Jean (nee Kirk) Craig, who grew up in South Vancouver, made and carried this banner and pole in countless peace marches in Metro Vancouver. In 1962, Craig, an elementary school teacher, joined the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace. Craig made this banner and pole in two parts so it could be easily disassembled. She wanted to be able to easily carry the parts when she took the bus to and from marches. The canvas banner is reversible with different but complementary messages on each side.

Date Range 
c. 1962 - 1980
Place of Manufacture 
Made and used by Jean Craig
Banner: 55 cm high, 36 cm wide, 1.2 cm deep; Pole: 76 cm long, 2 cm diameter
Museum Location 
Catalog Number 
Banner: H2004.100.4a-c; Pole: H2004.100.11
Jean Craig