Wing Sang Company CPR business sign


This sign announced that the Wing Sang Company, located at 51 East Pender Street, was an official agent of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR). Merchant Yip Sang, head of the Wing Sang Company, handled the CPR’s lucrative Chinese passenger and freight business. The competition among the various trans-Pacific steamship lines was fierce, with each having Chinese agents based in Chinatowns all across Canada. The pre-eminent firm in this industry was the Canadian Pacific Steamship Company, with its fleet of Empress liners. For example, in 1907, just over 2000 Chinese departed from Vancouver aboard CPR ships.

Date Range 
c. 1900s
Place of Use 
Wing Sang building, 51 East Pender Street
44.2 cm high, 22.4 cm wide, 1.3 cm deep
Museum Location 
Gateway to the Pacific gallery
Catalog Number 
Henry Yip and Family