Built City @MOV: Synapse

Thursday, November 21, 2013 - 19:00

Built City @ MOV: Synapse

Adventures at the intersection of neuroscience and architecture with Colin Ellard and Ian Ross McDonald.

As they face issues of resource scarcity, burgeoning population and climate change, cities like Vancouver are increasingly attempting to do more with less. Our roads are being shared among transportation modes. Our public spaces are being shared among more people--not to mention their pets. And we are demanding more out of every square metre of built space than ever before. How can designers ensure that the tighter, denser city can meet our psychological needs?

Date:  Thursday, November 21, 2013
Time:  7:00pm
Admission:  $12 | MOV Members Free | RAIC Members & Students $10
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Whether designing micro-apartments, community centres or streetscapes, architects and designers must acknowledge the symbolic and systemic effects of built form on human emotions and interactions. They must use new understandings of the emotional and physical effects of design. They must combine intuition, experimentation and new kinds of evidence to ensure that less really does become more.

Meeting these challenges requires a new approach, one that trades bloated square-footage for design solutions that blend intuition and experience with new forms of evidence.

University of Waterloo Cognitive Neuroscientist Colin Ellard will share insights from his groundbreaking experiments exploring the relationships between emotion, cognition, and place, conducted in laboratory simulations and in cities around the world.

Ian Ross McDonald, Partner with Bruce Carscadden Architect, will discuss recent efforts to make compact domestic spaces both generous and malleable in the context of the Burns Block Microlofts, as well as his firm's ongoing interest in architectural legibility in the context of public architecture.

The discussion will be moderated by Mari Fujita, Chair of Environmental Design and Associate Professor of Architecture at UBC's School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

The audience will be invited to contribute to a discussion that explores a striking new vision of design inquiry and method.

The Built City Architectural Speaker Series is an annual trio of talks presented in partnership with Architecture Canada (BC).

This talk is Part 2 of MOV’s annual "Built City" lecture series with Architecture Canada. In 2013/2014, the series explores Vancouver as an emergent and changing metropolis, and takes an interdisciplinary approach to thinking about architecture and urban design, particularly in relation to artistry, gentrification, sociability, science, well-being, natural capital, and cultural development. This three part series invites city thinkers from all disciplines and areas of interest to make connections between community, policy and governance, to the ideals and economics of architectural theory and practice.