MOV Celebrates Expo 86 Anniversary with $4.00 Admission and Display of Memorabilia

VANCOUVER, BC –  On Monday, May 2, the Museum of Vancouver (MOV) will be turning the clock back thirty years, to that monumental day that changed the city forever – the opening of 1986 World Exposition on Transportation and Communication. To mark the occasion, admission to the Museum will reflect 1986 pricing: just $4.00 to learn about the city’s history, future, and check out the new Recollecting Expo 86 display. Cake will be served at 11:00am.

Expo 86 was a game changer. It remains one of the largest public events ever held in British Columbia, and it was a catalyst for major projects in real estate, infrastructure, and architecture. The fair attracted over 22 million visitors and gave Vancouver international stature. The provincial town became a bold city with boundless potential.  

“The creation of Expo 86 was less about planning and design and more about performance art, the orchestrations of beliefs, and the hopes and desires of a local and global community,” said Bruno Freschi, Expo 86 Chief Architect.

Expo 86 had an impact on everyone who took part in it. Vancouverites remember what they did there and who was with them. Many residents held onto their memories by collecting souvenirs.

To mark the 30th anniversary, MOV has put together a mini-exhibition using a fraction of Pete Visscher’s impressive collection of Expo 86 memorabilia, including Expo Ernie, hundreds of pins, signage, and recollections of this impactful event. This display spotlights the important role of collectors as memory keepers. The Museum invites you to share your memories and images of Expo 86 on Twitter and Instagram. Please use the hashtag #RecollectingExpo86.

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Friday, April 29, 2016