Talk and Tour: A Desire for Mobility

Thursday, February 4, 2016 - 19:00

Talk and Tour:  A Desire for Mobility - A history of past freeway plans, current remnants and future visions

Presented by Lon LaClaire and Steve Brown (City of Vancouver)

Date: February 4

Time: 7:00 pm

Tickets: General $15 | Seniors, Students, Youth $11 | MOV Members FREE. Register here. Admission to Your Future Home is included with event price.

In the mid-20th century, Vancouver was an infant city.  Planners and engineers faced challenges on how to accommodate people’s desire for increased mobility.  It was a time where cities were experiencing massive growth in automobile travel; projections were showing this was going to continue to increase.  Plans to accommodate this growth through the introduction of a freeway network were developed. Cities throughout the world were modifying transit infrastructure, demolishing buildings and building infrastructure to accommodate the automobile.  A local grass roots movement of citizens rallied to obstruct the freeway plan. Some components, however, were built.  A few of the current legacies of this era can be seen through the Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts and buildings at the foot of Granville Street.

Join Lon LaClaire and Steve Brown (City of Vancouver), for a journey through time, from the 1970s to the present, examining what was driving the decisions for freeway development. This presentation will review how transportation planning has changed to achieve mobility goals and offer an overview of two current initiatives that aim to bridge the gap between 1970s transportation development and the present. A guided tour through MOV’s new exhibition -  Your Future Home: Creating the New Vancouver – will follow.

Lon LaClaire is currently the Acting Director of Transportation for the City of Vancouver. He completed his undergraduate degree in engineering at Concordia University in Montreal and his Masters in Transportation Engineering and Structures at the University of Calgary.  Lon has worked at the City of Vancouver for 18 years with the majority of his time spent leading the Strategic Transportation Planning group within the Engineering department.   Prior to this Lon worked on major projects including the Millennium Line SkyTrain, development of the Downtown Transportation Plan and the Canada Line SkyTain.

Steve Brown is the Manager of Traffic and Data Management at the City of Vancouver.  He completed his degree in Civil Engineering at the University of British Columbia, has worked for the City of Vancouver for over 12 years and has worked in the private sector in various consulting roles for over 6 years.  During his time, with the City of Vancouver, Steve has led the transportation component of a number of city shaping initiatives such as the initial feasibility review of modifying the Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts and the Central Waterfront Hub Framework development. Steve also led the team responsible for creating Transportation 2040, the City of Vancouver’s award winning transportation plan.

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