FRIDAY Five Favourite Photos - 1976

Vancouver in the Seventies: Photos from a Decade that Changed the City is now on view at the Museum of Vancouver.

The exhibition displays over 400 photos from The Vancouver Sun collection. To get a closer look and to celebrate some of these stunning photographs, each Friday we'll be selecting our Five Favourite Photos from each year of the seventies. 

1) The grass, water, city and sky stack up so perfectly on top of each other - the idyllic playground. There's also great energy in just the flow of the girl's hair. 

August 2, 1976 - Mary Mitchell, 7, of Vancouver rides a big rubber ball overlooking the West End. Photo by Bill Keay (Courtesy of The Vancouver Sun 76-2753)


2) The way the curtains mirror the the bars of the patio creates an interesting monochromatic pattern. The endless windows with closed curtains in direct contrast to the exposed woman suntanning, implies a clever self awareness on the photo's voyeurism.

April 10, 1976 - High-rise suntanning on the seventh floor of a West 11th Avenue apartment building. Photo by Ralph Bower (Courtesy of The Vancouver Sun 76-1203)


3) Quintessential 1970s childhood. It's wonderful how everything in this photo may have been deemed "nerdy" at the time but now contains essentially everything people think is cool.

October 9, 1976 - Heng Look, twelve, Lev Delang, nine, and Nicholas Delang, ten, check out the goods at a comic book club at the Britannia branch of the Vancouver Public Library. Photo by Ralph Bower (The Vancouver Sun 76-3385)


4) A list of favourite photos from the seventies would not be complete without some representation of disco. This fun shot from Annabelle's nicely sums up the jive boogie era.

October 30, 1976 - People dance to disco music at Annabelle’s. Photo by Glenn Baglo (Courtesy of The Vancouver Sun 76-3622)

5) The photo is strikingly composed with the words on the window acting like a headline/caption and the young man's face and hand, centred and in focus. In many ways it seems posed but the young man's expression appears candid and quite hard to read.  

January 3, 1976 - Alnoor Vergee wipes away the steam at his father’s dry cleaning shop on Davie Street in the West End. Photo by Glenn Baglo (Courtesy of The Vancouver Sun 76-0009)

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