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MOVments: Being bronze & moving underground

You like us!

Thanks Vancouver – you’ve put us right up there with the VAG and the MOA for your top three public art gallery/museums in Vancouver, and we couldn’t be happier. From exciting talks about city planning and food resiliency to the opening of our upcoming exhibit on Art Deco fashion from the 1920s and 1930s, things just keep rolling along over here in Vanier Park and we’re so glad to be your museum for the curious.

As a special treat, some digging in our archives has revealed an interesting thread to Vancouver’s past. Did you know Vancouver was once home to a Toy Library? A brave venture that was left out to dry as it was unsupported by city council in 1973… Likely if Jim Green had been on council at the time, he would have made sure a legacy project like a Toy Co-operative would have prospered in Vancouver. With regrets we acknowledge Jim’s passing today, and recognize all the wonderful things he did for our city.

These days it seems our province is finding it very difficult to communicate with its people as negotiations with the BC Teacher’s federation grow increasingly sticky. This might be a good time to announce the MOV is releasing applications for its second-ever Museum of Vancouver Youth Council this week!

Into the veins and arteries of city life, OpenFile Vancouver wonders if we can ever have a truly sustainable transit system at the same time as the Vancouver Sun questions the brilliance of people moving from rural countrysides en masse to metropolises! Perhaps we’d be best to move our dreams of lush green parks and walkways underground just like this proposal for a “Lowline” in NYC?

At the MOVeum: Food Resiliency talks tonight and the opening of Art Deco Chic next week!

MOVments: Bright Lights & Spider Silk

MOVments: current events in Vancouver by the Museum of Vancouver

Take Down The Giant Sign Now – a demand, yes, but also the name of a very concerned group of residents urging for the removal of the bright and blaring 1500 sq foot signs outside newly minted BC place. At MOV, it sounds very reminiscent of the storyline of our current exhibit, Neon Vancouver Ugly Vancouver. Except we probably won’t be celebrating the anniversary of digital signs in the same nostalgic way we look at Vancouver’s chic old neon signage. Happy birthday, neon tube!

In other land-use matters, things are heating up in Mt Pleasant too. The Rize development is hearing a lot of negative feedback from neighborhood residents worried about the future of affordability in the eastside; a frustration which, apparently, dates back centuries in our fair city.

Token words? A small, yet audacious, mayor and council on Vancouver Island is challenging the current legislation and casting a broad political net for the decriminalization of marijuana. We’d love your thoughts on this! While you’re debating the challenges and benefits, take a listen to up-and-coming, Pleasure Cruise, a brand new local indie-surf rock band. One thing's for sure, this city doesn’t lack artistic merit.

And neither does this museum in London, which is unveiling the world’s largest pieces of cloth made from spider silk.

MOVeum-related event: Re:generation – How we Move our City, Wednesday January 25.

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