Capital Campaign

MOV’s physical space is changing to reflect its core purpose, values, and product: to provoke, engage, and innovate. Capital changes at MOV – be they structural or content-driven – are all about serving you better and living up to the charge of being one of Vancouver’s leading arts and culture institutions.

There are plenty of opportunities for the corporate sector or private interests to get involved: naming rights, long-term organizational partnerships, content co-creation, sponsorships, and more.

Long-term History Galleries:
The MOV’s galleries house both long-term and temporary exhibitions. While the temporary exhibitions are topical and responsive to community priorities, the long-term galleries reflect Vancouver’s history in contemporary context and contemporary issues in a historic context. Planning for the final stage of the long-term history galleries is underway.

MOV Studio:
Think multimedia lab. Think hands-on community planning charrettes. Think planning and design studio. Think blackboards, chalk dust, sketch pads, and mind maps. The MOV’s vision for the studio is to develop a think-space where exhibitions and programs can truly be designed by the people, for the people.

Visitor Experience Space Redevelopment:
While our product and values have changed, our visitor amenities space still looks the same. We’re gearing up for a full redesign and restructure of the MOV entrance, lobby, retail space, and food services facility.