Become known for corporate leadership and innovation. Align your company with Vancouver-centred values.

Sponsoring the MOV gives companies the opportunity to associate with Vancouver’s leading arts and culture institution and a contemporary urban brand that is vibrant, provocative, inquisitive, and innovative.

Sponsorship of exhibitions and programs provides access to the MOV’s diverse and savvy audience, a highly sought-after target market that is hard to reach through mainstream media.

MOV thinks like a business. We regard our sponsors as equal partners and we’re looking to co-create opportunities that meet both of our business and brand objectives. We prefer to build sustainable, long-term relationships based on trust, shared values, creativity, and collaboration.

Sponsorship benefits might include:

  • Naming rights to an exhibition or program
  • Category exclusivity
  • On-site sales and promotions
  • Brand awareness and visibility
  • Corporate hospitality and networking
  • Database marketing
  • Loyalty marketing


Sponsorship Opportunities:
There’s always something going on at the MOV and most of it is open to corporate involvement. Have an idea that isn’t listed? Talk to us. We’ll listen.

  • Exhibitions
  • Public programs
  • School programs
  • Long-term organizational partnerships
  • Collections
  • Gallery space
  • Special projects